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Top Tech Tools for (Food) Entrepreneurs Part 1

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At Crowdfooding, we love Tech and probably all secretly dream about being able to code complicated stuff (ok maybe that’s…

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Crowdfooding’s Top Food Trends for 2018

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With December well underway, we decided to distract ourselves from the lovely weather and look to the future, thinking about…

Collaboration between startups and corporates is great – but the ‘human fit’ has to be right

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This article was first featured on The Grocer. Collaboration between corporates and startups in the food & beverage industry is becoming…

Repsly Announces 100 Buzziest Food & Beverage Brands

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Recently Repsly released their 2017 list of the 100 Buzziest Food & Beverage Brands, ranking the year’s fastest-growing brands by…

Virtual Eating – How VR can transform how we eat, drink, and think about food

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For many years Virtual Reality (VR) belonged strictly in the future. We would read about the technology in books, discover…