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Our trip to the International Food Expo 2017

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fruit roll=ups

What’s wrong with fruit Roll-ups??

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It’s no secret that corporates are capable of innovating…(Yes — corporates, you read it right) With this piece I want to offer a simple comparison between approaches to innovation using…

minfull vs overmarketing

Mindful food innovation vs product (over-)marketing

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It’s no secret that for a long time, big brands really didn’t have to worry too much about the product, the quality of the ingredients and the integrity and sustainability…

Periodic table of Food Tech companies (US) — June, 2016 — CB Insights

Food tech: why US is leading the race ?

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Since I moved to the UK 9 months ago, I keep on hearing about this ‘food tech’ frenzy. The more I talk about it with people within the food industry,…


What if big food brands partnered up with startups to create a better food system?

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In the last few months I have been meeting a few corporate executives of multinational food companies and among all the interesting discussions I’ve had with them there is a…