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Crowdfooding is an online crowdfunding platform that connects food and beverage entrepreneurs with investors. It aims to leverage the disruptive power of the Internet to make early-stage investing for financiers, and fundraising for food and beverage startup companies, easy and immediate.


Crowdfunding for Food: Creating Space for Successful Innovation

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Something is changing in the food and beverage industry It’s no secret that multinationals have dominated the industrial food system for years now, but the landscape is changing, and changing…

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The Future of Food: Pizza

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Crowdfooding has partnered with Andrea Tolu, a freelance business writer for the Food&Tech sector, to feature articles from his newsletter The Circle. This week: The Future of Pizza. What’s new…


Chocothon: from bean to bar, creating a platform for sustainable chocolate supply

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There is an almost unparalleled satisfaction to popping a square of chocolate in your mouth and letting it dissolve slowly on the tongue. Or licking up the last of a…


Chocothon @ Google London HQ – Oct 19, 2016

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Hi Chocolate-lovers, It was an absolute dream come true to hold Chocothon‘s kickoff event last night at the Google London headquarters. Thomas Camenzind, Regional Food Program Manager of Google Food…


The Buzz Around Investing in Food and Drink startups

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You may be curious as to all the hype surrounding food and beverage start-ups. With the recent surge in investment funding, this industry is booming with ideas moving to fruition.