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Crowdfooding is an online crowdfunding platform that connects food and beverage entrepreneurs with investors. It aims to leverage the disruptive power of the Internet to make early-stage investing for financiers, and fundraising for food and beverage startup companies, easy and immediate.


The Buzz Around Investing in Food and Drink startups

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You may be curious as to all the hype surrounding food and beverage start-ups. With the recent surge in investment funding, this industry is booming with ideas moving to fruition.

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kerbs petra barren street food

KERB’s Petra Barran on the Street Food Revival

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Street food. What images the term conjures up probably depends on where you’ve been and what you eat. New York City tourists might think of cheap hot dogs on 5th…

Snact Founders

Are you a Snactivist? Fight food waste with good taste

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Food waste is an ugly reality of today’s global food system. Ugly because the estimated 1.3 billion tons of food wasted each year around the world leads environmental, economic and nutritional loss and cost.

Modern Muesli

Entrepreneur-spiration: Going Cuckoo for Modern Muesli

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Crowdfooding has partnered with WeMeanBusiness London to feature the Entrepreneur-spiration Series – where real life foodie startup founders share their stories, tips and advice on building your own brand and business.

The Pronto Team

Unlocking meal delivery success: Pronto gets you healthy food, fast

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A 2015 report puts the UK as the largest food delivery takeaway market in Europe and the second largest in the world.