Chocothon @ Google London HQ – Oct 19, 2016

By October 20, 2016Industry Insider

Hi Chocolate-lovers,

It was an absolute dream come true to hold Chocothon‘s kickoff event last night at the Google London headquarters. Thomas Camenzind, Regional Food Program Manager of Google Food Lab, walked us through the overarching purpose and need behind Chocothon. We were also joined by Sandra Cabrera, Associate Market Analyst at International Trade Center (ITC), explaining the farmer-oriented initiatives underway to solve the supply-side problems within the cocoa farming industry. Found of Future Food Institute (FFI), Sara Roversi, gave more context in terms of the hackathon methodology to problem solving Chocothon is tapping into. Rounding out the presentation, Crowdfooding Founder, Alessio D’Antino explained of the crowdfunding model behind the project.

My favourite message of the evening was Thomas’ illustration of the complimentary effort put forth by the team, bringing together all players within the industry from large corporates to public organizations to farmers, unifying for one purpose. It is only fitting that we utilize the crowdfunding method mirroring the collaborative and open sourced spirit within this cause.20161019_185256We were also lucky enough to sample the delectable treats from Dark Sugars. The owner, Fatou Mendy, graced us with a stirring speech on the West African cocoa farmers’ perspective. Bottom line: “Cocoa is disappearing. Why? Because farmers are unhappy. Make them happy.”

Here is the on-site video. Check it out!

Chocothon’s campaign is currently in the pre-campaign stage. Make sure you drop your email on the pledge button to stay informed on when we officially launch! Please share and spread the word to save the future of chocolate!

If you are interested to know more about Chocothon event, please click here.

Carol Lam

Carol Lam

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Carol Lam

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