Crowdfooding’s Top Food Trends for 2018

By December 14, 2017Industry Insider

With December well underway, we decided to distract ourselves from the lovely weather and look to the future, thinking about the food trends that will occupy our minds (and stomachs) in 2018. Here is what Alessio, Max, and Zuzia from our team will be eating come January:


“First trend is fermentation. Ever heard of ‘Kimchi, the well-known Korean fermented cabbage (AKA one of the healthiest food on the planet)? Long before probiotics came into existence, cultures throughout history and across the globe were celebrating fermented foods. Fermented food has been initially used to preserve fruits and vegetables during times of scarcity as well as they harbour several lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus. Companies of the likes of White Labs produces yeast to empower brewers and fermentation aficionados to create their favourite fermented food (including beers of course).2018 will also be the year of edible insects. Insects may make you turn your nose up at the idea, but entomophagy (the consumption of edible insects) is a common practice that’s been taking place for tens of thousands of years. Around 2 billion people regularly eat insects as part of their diet, and over 1,900 species are edible. I believe throughout 2018, as the number of companies entering this space will increase, consumers will become more accustomed to idea of eating them. Thus edible insects could become more accepted and more widely available (at least on this side of the pond).”


“One of the biggest trends of 2018 will be gut-friendly food. The past few years have seen a proliferation of websites, companies, and products that address the issue of gut health and IBS and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. From gut-friendly snacks and granolas to probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented products, we will see a bigger focus on products celebrating the good bacteria living within us. Check our Troo Granola for some gut-friendly goodness! 

Another trend that I believe will be huge in 2018 is seaweed. It is an extremely versatile and delicious ingredient that can be used for salads, soups, snacks, and even eaten on its own as pasta. Seaweed is an exceptionally rich source of calcium, iodine, folate and magnesium, in addition to being low in calories. In 2018 you’ll definitely find me munching on seaweed wraps from Seamore, with some spirulina mayonnaise from Spireat.”Max:

“I believe that the biggest trend of 2018 will undoubtedly be plant-based. As consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet and are stepping away from meat and dairy, companies are responding. What is interesting about the plant-based trend is that it doesn’t just cater to those who are vegetarian or vegan, but also appeals to those who want to make small changes for the benefit of their health or for the planet, thus reaching a wider audience.

Talking more generally about the food industry, the food entrepreneurs that we interact with on a daily basis are slowly starting to realise that they cannot rely on traditional retailers to bring their products to market. Following a similar transformation that has happened in the US, entrepreneurs in the UK are increasingly building their business by selling online first (through subscription models, special offers, pre-selling via crowdfunding campaigns, etc. …), to then target retailers as their products get enough traction.

Along those lines, I believe that the Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon teaches us 2 things:

  1. Amazon is definitely going after food and will be providing more opportunities for challenger brands to sell online
  2. The economies of scale following the acquisition will allow Whole Foods to lower their prices significantly, and therefore the startups selling there to grab more market shares from big brands.”

Each of these trends will have a big impact on the next few months but we’ll have to wait and see to find out how significant they will become. For now let’s eat all the mince pies and drink all the mulled wine we can handle! 

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