Food Myths Are Among Us, but There’s Still a Simple Rule We Can Follow

By November 16, 2016Industry Insider

Crowdfooding has partnered with Andrea Tolu, a freelance business writer for the Food&Tech sector, to feature articles from his newsletter The Circle. This week: Food Myths.

Food myths: can you recognise one when you see one?

Sometimes science is a great help, for example with the ever-popular five-second rule. A new research was published recently, reminding us that it has no scientific foundation: if you pick up food from the floor, it’s not going to be as clean as it was before you dropped it, no matter how fast your reflexes are. Bacteria have no lag time, so contamination starts as soon as food touches the floor.

Although this myth was busted several times in the past, this new research provided some insight on a more interesting aspect: is food that fell on the floor still safe to eat, although definitely not clean?

That depends on a few factors.

Type of food. Moisture, for example, is a dirt magnet: all things being equal, a piece of melon will gather way more bacteria than, say, almonds.

The type of surface.  Despite their reputation as dirt collectors, carpets offer a smaller contact area, so they tend to be less contaminated than steel or ceramics.

Time of exposure. Behind any myth there is always a little bit of truth. Contamination starts immediately, but the longer the food stays on the floor, the more bacteria it will collect.

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