The Founder Series: CF 101 — Pt 4—Why run a pre-campaign?

By November 30, 2016Industry Insider

Crowdfooding is proud to feature a series written by our Founder, Alessio D’Antino, introducing the basics of crowdfunding. This five-part series will highlight the drivers behind the majors decisions to be made in planning your first crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding is an experimental marketing exercise and that’s why we believe is so important to have a tool (pre-campaign) to “test the water” and understand whether crowdfunding is suitable for a company before throwing them on our platform.

To do this we’ve built a piece of technology to help food entrepreneurs gauge the market appetite for their crowdfunding campaign by creating and running a pre-campaign — You can think of it as a draft of the final campaign that will run for a specific period of time allowing you to collect pre-orders and expressions of interest as well as collect feedback about the campaign proposition (e.g set of rewards to offer).

Key Benefits:

  1. Test the water without burning the opportunity of doing crowdfunding (if not ready)
  2. Activate your community early on to build momentum for the campaign
  3. Tweak the campaign based on feedback received

We are well aware crowdfunding sometimes might be scary because of the publicity that comes with it but the pre-campaign mitigates this risk by helping entrepreneurs to validate the market before kicking off their campaign.

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