Crowdfooding has partnered with Andrea Tolu, a freelance business writer for the Food&Tech sector, to feature articles from his newsletter The Circle. This week: The Future of Meat.

Meat is constantly in the middle of thorny controversies these days.

  • Cows belches contributing to global warming: check.
  • “Probably carcinogenic to humans” per the WHO: check.
  • An intensive production system that treats animals inhumanly: check.

To many, the case is big enough to make it the perfect enemy. But even for those who want to tread carefully on the debate, it’s hard to deny one very simple thing: the world consumes too much meat.

The way to convince people to eat less of it is to offer valid alternatives. In some cases, pointing at other protein sources (such as legumes and dairy) will do. For many people however, meat (and red meat in particular) is more than a source of protein, it’s an intense food experience.

In Nature’s catalogue there’s no valid plant-based substitute for that, which means someone will have to create it. Two start-ups, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, are doing exactly that, without taking any shortcuts in the process.

Read the full article on the Circle Newsletter: A Vegan and a Meat-Eater Walk Into a Restaurant and Order a Burger…. (No, Seriously).


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