The Future of Food: Pizza

Crowdfooding has partnered with Andrea Tolu, a freelance business writer for the Food&Tech sector, to feature articles from his newsletter The Circle. This week: The Future of Pizza.

What’s new in pizza? The last time it made sense to ask this question was at the end of the 18th century, when people in Naples started to add tomato sauce to their flatbread, inventing pizza as we know it. After that, not much changed.

Now however, we can safely say something’s new in the pizza world, at least in the way it’s prepared and cooked, and not surprisingly the Silicon Valley has something to do with it.

3D printing, of course

How about a heart-shaped pizza with your face on it painted in cheese? That’s what 3D printer Beehex can do.


Read the full article on the Circle Newsletter: From Naples to Mars and Back: the Future of Pizza is Here.

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