Crické’s “Insect Fine Dining”

Building on the incredible success of Crické‘s and Crowdfooding’s “Cricket Crackers and Tuscan Wine Tasting” aperitivo, we would like to invite you to our next event, “Insect Fine Dining” !

Crické Fine Insect Dinner

Want to dive into a world of new (insect) flavors? Crické’s “Insect Fine Dining” is the way to do it!

Enjoy a six-course fine dining event in the warm atmosphere of Enoteca Pomaio on 16 November 2017. The menu is developed by Marco Parrinello, Cricke’s Italian chef, and is paired with a selection of Italian wines.

These are some of the antipasti you could taste during the dinner:

  • Antipasto Burrata with Pachino tomato coulis and black ant caviar
  • Seasonal vegetable cricket (flour) tempura in sweet-and-sour sauce
  • Pumpkin vellutata soup with crisp Sago worms and amaretti

Good for you, good for the planet – get your tickets here.

Crické Food Experiences

Crické organises a wide array of food events ranging from aperitivo to full course dinners, during which they combine insects with traditional Italian cuisine. All their products such as crackers, pasta, and bread, are made using cricket flour, which is mixed with traditional Mediterranean ingredients to create an adventurous Italian feast. By using flour instead of whole insects, Crické helps people overcome their cultural taboo against insects as food, while enjoying their nutritional benefits.

For the bravest clients they can also prepare dishes using whole insects.


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