Marulin: The Story So Far

Here is the story of some of our London Food Heroes Chau-Jean & Tim, who are taking their amazing Taiwan-sourced tea to some great heights. There are telling us about their journey so far:

“Since the 1920’s, the Lin family farmed tea and pineapple in Taiwan.  For the last few generations, they sold their handpicked produce and teas in the local Taiwanese market.  In 2016, Marulin was created by Chau-Jean Lin, a member of the Lin family, to share and showcase the wonderful teas and tea products that are produced on the Lin family farms and those of neighbouring villages to the British.  Marulin also collaborates with our farming friends from around the world to produce unique flavours and blends to delight your tastebuds!

“Our launch was in December 2016 at the “Future of Food” Christmas Market, which was organised by our friends at Crowdfooding.  We were thrilled to make our first sale that night, even though we were a bit nervous that day.  Our label printers had a problem with their machines, and we did not get the labels for our pouches until that afternoon!   Despite all this, we were happy with our launch because of all the preparation we had put into developing the company – from designing packaging to learning to code in html to building the website.  We are now working hard to expand our range of teas and looking to find new partners who enjoy our teas as much as we do.

Chau-Jean works endlessly on product development and the technical/operational aspects of the company, while Tim, the other half of the company, seeks out new opportunities for Marulin.  We are constantly looking at new ways to deliver fresher tea to you directly from the producer.  We use whole leaves in our teas, so they do not require milk and sugar.  Our tea tents can be brewed twice in a mug.  

We drink lots of tea every day.  We hope you like our tea as much as we do.


Sometimes, start-up life can be a grind – but those tough times are worth it when we meet fans of our teas!  We love the energy and inspiration that we get from our loyal fans.  

At home, our customers are cold-brewing our teas to make healthy sugar-free cold drinks, and even small children have been inspired to make Oma’s Taiwanese Matcha cookies and other treats.  

In the professional kitchen, we’ve partnered with local, upcoming bakers and chefs to see what innovations they can create.   Our local baker (Bread & Butler) at the Yurt Café made Emperor Grey Hot Cross Buns from our tea, which were flying off the shelf around Easter!   Michael Thompson, a chef formerly at Fera (at Claridge’s) made Lady Orient (rose) and Emperor Grey (lavender) tea cakes at his Fodder pop-up concept.  Bartenders have been mixing gin with Lady Orient-infused tonics.  

We were pleasantly surprised when one of our teas, English Beauty, a light breakfast tea was shortlisted in the FreeFrom Food Awards as ‘Best Product from a Startup’ because of this quality.

What is next?

We’re expanding our range to include new flavours and infusions.  We’ll be at the Food Matters Live 2017 Exposition and hope to see you there.
Follow us @marulinuk to find out more .“


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