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By October 11, 2017Startup Scoop

Crowdfooding’s newest Food Heroes are Ineke and Ryan Nugteren, the Co-founders of Nourish. Their company produces individually crafted coconut macaroons and uses a dehydration technique to preserve the freshness and natural goodness of the whole food ingredients.

Ineke firmly believes that food is a gift and should be both nourishing and enjoyable. She explains that throughout her journey with food she has been at both ends of the spectrum; during certain periods she ate too much of un-nourishing foods, during others she followed an overly restrictive diet and under-nourished her body. As a result, she realised that food has the danger of becoming one of these things in life that people turn to for emotional comfort or as a means of control. Ineke decided therefore, to create a blog and produce food products to empower people to make healthy choices, enjoy what they eat, and above all, to have a healthy relationship with food.


Nourish Macaroons

In conversation with Ineke

We asked Ineke a few questions about her experience of building a business. This is what she says:

How did you get the idea for your business?

“The idea for the business stemmed from my passion for creating delicious and nourishing foods that were also gluten and dairy free.”

What is the most significant thing you learnt in the process of building your company?

“It’s definitely a long and hard journey, but one rich with experience and opportunities for learning.”

What has been the biggest highlight and lowlight so far?

“Our biggest highlights were being stocked in Selfridges only a few months after we started off, developing our new packaging, and getting into the Google office. Our lowlight has been trialling outsourcing production, which proved to be a very costly lesson.”

What is the impact you envision you business will have on the world?

“Our most important goal is to produce products that are nourishing, which will impact the lives of people. We also aim to help fund water projects and micro-businesses of young adults leaving orphanages in Africa, to empower them to grow their economy.”

What keeps you motivated and why?

“Seeing our customers happy and getting positive feedback definitely keeps us motivated.”

What would be the spirit animal of your company and why?

“I’ll need to come back to you with this one…”

Read more about Nourish and get their amazing products here.

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