Introducing the GastroPilgrims Experience by Postrivoro

On 2nd February Crowdfooding’s Founder & CEO, Alessio D’Antino, will have the opportunity of joining an event organised by Postrivoro at the Airbnb Headquarters in San Francisco. The event will mark the launch of the GastroPilgrims network, the so-called “people of Postrivoro”: the community of like-minded gastrofanatics and hosts of Airbnb experiences inspired by and connected to the “GastroPilgrims of Postrivoro” built over the last six years.

“The event will take place on a Friday evening 02/02 and will feature the food of three Experience Hosts from various corners of the globe. Not only will we invite other Experience Hosts to attend the event, we want them to join us in the kitchen to experience that which defines the Gastropilgrims of Postrivoro: participation, revelry, and camaraderie.”- McKenzie (Airbnb).

Airbnb is hosting this event in support of Kitchen Table Advisors annual Grazing fundraiser. This year, Grazing is honouring the refugees and immigrants whose personal journeys have brought them to the US. The aim of the event is to shift the traditional viewpoint and focus on the “road” as the sense of belonging between destinations. Migration across cultures and the global movement of people, as interpreted by the (Gastro)Pilgrims experience.  

Described as “a flash-mob ran by fine-dining hackers, kitchen table on steroids, stuff that makes Netflix look like PBS” by Simone, co-founder of Postrivoro, the event will not only appeal to those looking for delicious food but promises to engage all senses. In addition to five chefs from Italy, Mexico, and the US, Alessandro Neretti and Andrea Montesi will be responsible for the artistic aspect of the event and the decoration of the space inside the Airbnb Headquarters. It will be like a jam session animated by some of the experience hosts and chefs from the GastroPilgrims network.

The event will be sponsored by Acquerello Risotto, Ama Beer, 460 Casina Bric, and Mezcal Iba and organised in partnership with Bartoletti & Cicognani Design Studio, Wood*ing Wild Food Lab, Ristorante FRE, OvveroNero, Digicer, CineFood, Treasure8, Hanabi, Andrea Montesi and Ente Ceramiche Faenza.


A nomadic community of hospitality hackers bending the concept of food experience around a new gastronomic narrative – the tales of extraordinary young talents set out to ‘jailbreak’ fine dining by challenging typical conventions, while honouring craft and product.

The Gastropilgrims are the people of Postrivoro.  Inspired by its principles to act out their passions and connect through a global platform – human and digital. A movement of people and ideas contributing to shaping the future of gastronomy and food culture.

To find out more about Gastropilgrims, watch the video below.

A Gastropilgrims Experience

Oops, we did it again! Going to San Francisco next February ;)[New video by Cinefood]A GastroPilgrims Experience | Coming Feb. 2n 2018 Airbnb HQ, San Francisco.In partnership with Postrivoro Airbnb JC Redon Ryan Robles Wooding bar Valeria Margherita Mosca Caglio Ristorante FRE Nero/Alessandro Neretti Crowdfooding

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