Top tech tools for (food) entrepreneurs part 2

Because entrepreneurs all get swamped by definition, back in December we shared a few tech tools that we consider as must-haves for busy business owners  who struggle to stay on top of things, and keep their focus on developing their business. This time we listed a few more tools (still basic ones), focusing on social media and growth hacking…Here you go!



Social Media has become a jungle where you easily get lost. Using Social Media management platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer will allow you to manage all your channels in one place and schedule your content. Creating dashboards to track specific channels, keywords & # is also a good way to (almost) stay on top of things and reshare key content to drive more engagement.


Bitly allows you to shorten all your URL links and track them all in one place. Although social media channels and platforms like Mailchimp include analytics, using Bitly links will allow you to compare the efficiency of your campaigns across different channels, and analyse how people are engaging with your content.

Facebook Pixel

Advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more powerful, but also complex. Boosting posts can be as efficient as going fishing with a spoon if you don’t target the right people, which is why Facebook has developed the Pixel, a free analytics tool to that you can embed into  your website, to allow you to re-target your visitors in your ads, and build a wider audience s. It has retargeting, optimization, and tracking all built in one, with no coding  required. You still have to pay for the ads though, stop dreaming.


In case you are not familiar with the term, this is how Dr Wikipedia defines it: Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business”. At Crowdfooding, we are big fans of tech and collecting data to make informed decisions, and always encourage entrepreneurs to be obsessed about capturing as much information as possible about their customers, and incentivize the latter to provide feedback about their products while focusing on selling online  in order to establish a more direct relationship with their consumers.

Here are a couple of useful tools:


You probably noticed a few times the ‘Powered by Sumo’ on a few popup windows when browsing around. Sumo has developed a set of tools you can implement to your website (no coding skills required) to help you capture emails or re-share content in a nice ergonomic way, and is also free (at least to use the basic version ).


Hello Bar is super simple and allows you to insert a call-to-action button within a horizontal bar at the top of your website. The goal is  to collect emails (again), drive traffic to a specific page, or connect your visitors to your social media channels.

And…that’s it for now!

You have found other magic  tools and you’re dying to share them with other fellow entrepreneurs? Please tell us what you use via THIS BRIEF FORM and you may feature you in our next article as our ‘tech guru’ 😉


Max Leveau

Max Leveau

Head of Operations at Crowdfooding
Max has been dipping his toes into the corporate world with communication & events management but quickly moved into Tech. He spent four years at Google working on corporate partnerships and program management; but when his frenchness & love for food caught up with him, he decided to make his ‘process OCD’ and technology acumen at work for Crowdfooding.
Max Leveau