The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Twisted Halo

By August 22, 2016Startup Scoop

Crowdfooding has partnered with WeMeanBusiness London to feature the Entrepreneur-spiration Series – where real life foodie startup founders share their stories, tips and advice on building your own brand and business.

As the sun is out and summer is hotting up, we are on a mission to seek out the coolest new alcoholic drinks hitting the bars, beer gardens and pop ups, as well as the shelves this summer. This month we met with Jess Titcumb, founder of refreshing new ready to serve drink Twisted Halo.

For the ladies out there (and even the gents) summer bodies and summer drinking are a bit of a contradiction, aren’t they. With all of us wanting to ensure we are “beach body ready”, but with an idealised image of sipping cocktails, or a cool beer in the sunshine, or even grabbing a glass of wine on a pub corner after work, the healthy lifestyle trend and drinking don’t necessarily blend well together. Moderation you say, balance. I get it, it’s just my will power is just not always that strong and the slimline drinks on offer just aren’t that exciting.

Now when I say to you that I have found a gently sparkling blend of coconut water twisted with ginger & muddled with premium vodka. What do you think? Tasty? Yes. Refreshing? Yes. Healthy – ish? I want to try one!  At just 90 calories per bottle, Jess has created an alternative that is all about balance and rescues me from ordering one more bland Vodka, Lime and Soda on a night out.

Lesley Bambridge from We Mean Business, London set out to find out more and asked the Jess to share her startup story to date. Read the full article on the We Mean Business, London blog…

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