Wavey Ice Campaign Launch

Q&A with Alex Situnayake

Today, Wavey Ice launches its crowdfunding campaign for its boozy ice lollies. We spoke to the founder – Alex Situnayake:

Alex, who are you ?

Well my names Alex, second name Situnayake! Apparently I’m a young entrepreneur these days! I’m originally from Birmingham, which is where I’m based now, but it was while I was living in South East London when I started the Wavey Ice brand back in 2014.

Alex, tell us about your lollies ? How did you get the idea in the first place?

So we currently have 3 flavours. Watermelon & Vodka, Sour apple & Gin and Black Grape & White Rum. The idea came about after a couple of conversations with friends about selling ice lollies around parks in London back in the summer of 2014. I was working at this bar in Hackney making fruit syrups for the cocktails and I thought why not apply the same principals to an ice lolly and add some booze for good measure! I quickly got carried away with the idea and before long I had a brand and a product!

Who are the Wavey Ice fans ? (influencers, DJ’s, biggest endorsers)

It’s difficult to say really. We have a lot of followers from different places and backgrounds! To me Wavey Ice is a brand associated with underground culture and everything that I’ve grown up following. I take influence from grime culture, fashion, skateboarding and other sub cultures. So far our biggest endorsers have probably been the likes of MEATliquor, Lazy Oaf, Sunfall festival, musicians such as Daniel OG who is performing at our launch party and models like Emily Bador.

Your biggest ups and downs so far ?

High points so far have been collaborating with MEATliquor back in 2015 on the ‘Meat Licker’ lolly which was sold in all their restaurants across the UK, appearing at Sunfall festival last summer and selling our lollies on the beach in Barcelona! I still think the best times are yet to come though.

Low points would have to be struggling to find the money to do all the exciting things that I have planned for the brand in my head! I had to move back to Birmingham and basically give up the life I had built in London because I just couldn’t afford to live there whilst working on my brand. That’s been a bit of a blessing in disguise though as moving back here has allowed me to fully focus on Wavey Ice and taking it to the next level without having to worry about money so much!

What’s next ?

The next step is to start selling our lollies online which is basically what the money from the crowdfunding campaign will be used for. I also want to appear at way more festivals with the brand and organise more and more of our own events up and down the country. Eventually it would be great to get our product into supermarkets although that is not something I’m focusing on right now. I want Wavey Ice to become a brand synonymous with party culture and not just an alcoholic ice pop brand!

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