Zest & Zing: The Story So Far

By September 5, 2017Startup Scoop

Here is the story of this week’s London Food Hero of the Week, Taha Fezzani and his passion for high quality herbs and spices. This is how he describes his journey:

“As a young boy, I spent my holidays visiting my aunt’s home in Libya, the homeland of my parents.

What I particularly remember about these exotic summers, was playing football with my cousin in my aunts’ fragrant garden, where rosemary scent filled the air. I soon realised that Mediterranean herbs also added a touch of magic to my aunt’s dishes, infusing them with zest and zing.

These fragrances stay in my memory until this day. When I look back, I also see the banquets my parents organised for their friends and family: my mum took so much pride in her cooking, and the dishes remained in the memory of all those people that appreciated the spell she created with a little cinnamon here and there.

That’s why I’ve always associated the intensity of Middle Eastern spices with my childhood summers.

My name is Taha and I live in London, where food is characterised by a certain simplicity of flavours. I’ve also lived in Paris for six years, where I’ve observed how French people take pleasure in enjoying food made with best quality ingredients, which contributes to what they call “joie de vivre”. This experience has inspired me and confirmed my idea that every meal should consist of joy and conviviality.

This is why I’ve decided to share my passion for spices and herbs with you!

Zest & Zing Spices

A hint of fragrance can transport you back to your childhood, towards distant lands, or create a particular atmosphere right in your kitchen, resulting in a special meal for family and friends and adding a twist to your everyday routine!
When it comes to food, I have attention to detail. I shop for higher quality ingredients and I’m willing to pay more for them. Simply put, premium spices and herbs make better tasting dishes.

Most people don’t realise that spice-filled dishes don’t have to be complicated. A few quality herbs or spices blended the right way will help you compose a delicious, aromatic meal that will impress all of your family and friends. The depth of flavour will be complex, but the cooking won’t be. Quality ingredients do most of the work for you.”

What’s next?

Zing & Zest currently have over 50 available products but they’re constantly looking to expand their product range. To find our more about Zest & Zing and buy their products, click here.

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